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A fresh new take on fantasy sports.

Daily and Weekly Games

Get in, get out, and get paid. Then do it all over again tomorrow.

Win Big Money

(yes, it's totally legal)

Play against your friends or other ScoreStreak users for real, cold-hard cash.

Draft Any Athlete

Pick the same athletes as your opponents. Use the top picks, or your favorite athletes.

No Salary Cap

This is no ordinary daily fantasy game. Pick every top athlete in your lineup, every time.

See how it works

Pick athletes to accomplish goals.

The loftier the goal, the more points you earn.

But only if you accomplish the goal. So make picks carefully!

The person with the most points wins!

No More Off Season

The only thing that sucks more than losing your championship game is having to wait months before you can play again.

We feel your pain.
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That’s why we don’t have an off season. MLB over? Jump in a NFL contest. No more football? NBA and games will be waiting for you to dominate.

Straight Outta Silicon Valley

ScoreStreak is built just south of San Francisco, here in Silicon Valley. We use the latest technology and security to bring you the fastest, most fun daily fantasy sports app on the market. It’s safe, legal, and hella fun.

  • Ross BordenCEO & Co-Founder

    On a mission to make ScoreStreak the best way to play fantasy sports. Huge sports and video game fan. Still wishes Westbrook and Love didn't leave for the NBA so early.

    Favorite Team: UCLA Bruins
  • Bradford StrohCo-Founder

    Finally got over his east coast bias. Considered the Béla Kårolyi of Lacrosse. Dreams of winning a ScoreStreak contest some day.

    Favorite Team: Stanford Cardinal
  • Dan HalloranEngineer

    Loves rock climbing, playing guitar, and developing sweet software. Curiously good at ScoreStreak. Sings like an angel while fragging noobs in Call of Duty.

    Favorite Team: San Diego Padres
  • Andrew HousserCo-Founder

    Dreams to go pro in the NHL were shattered at an early age, settled for entrepreneurship. Andrew loves getting cozy with a good Excel spreadsheet.

    Favorite Team: San Jose Sharks
  • Brian DelaneyUX / UI Designer

    Obsessed with the interaction between users and apps. Brian cares a lot about making ScoreStreak easy and pleasant to use. Will bet on anything.

    Favorite Team: Atlanta Braves
  • Your Name HereUnicorn

    We're always on the lookout for designers, developers, and stat freaks. Check us out on AngelList to see our current openings.

    Favorite Team: USA

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